Elderberry Syrup

I had TN for 7 years. You all know the story, so I don’t need to describe what it’s like, but it was bad.

A friend found a remedy in a 60’s era herbal book; another friend gave me the ingredients, and I made it up. However, you can also order elderberry syrup.

It is elderberry syrup mixed with a preservative such as brandy. I made the elderberry syrup myself like this: take a gallon of elderberries, clean and take the berries off the stems, rinse in water. Put into a pot with enough water to cover the elderberries and maybe another 3-4 inches in depth of water. Boil for an hour or so. Mash the elderberries with a potato masher to get all the juice out of them. Pour first through a sieve and then through cheesecloth to get all the solid particles out. Sweeten with corn syrup to taste (it doesn’t taste very good without being sweetened). Add the alcohol. Probably anything from 10-25% alcohol will do. I use a decent brandy. Pour into a wine bottle that you have thoroughly cleaned and rinsed with boiling water. Cork or cap. It will keep in your pantry for a long time.

To start, take a fairly small amount (remember, this is medicine)– three times a day with each meal. I take about the equivalent of a shot glass or 1/4 cup.

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