You can get elderberry syrup from iHerb.com or a place called Wyldwood Farms in, I think, Kansas. Both will send it to you. Mix it with the brandy and rebottle. The alcohol intensifies and quickens the healing effect. I have speculated that this works because of elderberries’ antioxidant content, but there must also be some anti-inflammatory effect as well. It has worked for me and my cousin’s wife.

Fish oil

I just wanted to let you know that I have had terrible pain for the last month. New pain started also around my eye under and above. I started taking fish oil in the syrup form, coq10 100 mg. I started on Tuesday of this week and in the middle of the night on Thursday I could blink without any pain. I still have some small face pain but the eye was the worst!

I was taking 3 400mg tablets per day of Tegretol when I read about someone who was getting good results taking Omega 3 Fish Oil. I started taking 1200 mg of Fish Oil every time I took a Tegretol and soon found I could reduce Tegretol to 2 tablets per day and continued to reduce until now I have been four months without medication.

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