4 Foods Neuropathy(Nerve Pain) Sufferers Must Avoid

Food #3 – Added Sugars

Added sugars, like corn syrup, honey and pure cane sugar certainly add to the flavor of most dishes but don’t provide additional nutrition to the foods they are added to. Just like refined grains and gluten containing foods they are high on the glycemic index. This again can lead to increased blood sugar and you guessed it more inflammation.

In addition, diets high in refined sugar are also commonly lacking key nutrients that can lead to an inability to heal properly from the nerve damage that has occurred. It’s much better to replace these foods with higher nutritionally sound foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains instead of the sugary snacks so many opt for. Foods that often have added sugars include soft drinks, candy, cereals, syrups, jams and jellies, cookies, cakes and pastries and most processed foods.

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