How you know you’re not the narcissist: your proof

Remembering who you are

Rest easy. Shoosh that voice that keeps asking the question. You know you’re not the narc. Stop giving the narcissist any more of your time or energy by engaging with this ludicrous idea they planted in your mind.

Use your precious time and energy on you instead, and in  progressing your recovery. From now on, every time you hear that voice sneaking back in, promise me you will meet it with remembering who you are.

Start now! Read these out loud:

  • ‘I care about others. I am empathic. I am compassionate. These are my gifts.’*
  • ‘I am open and embrace growth. I evolve without fear knowing my heart is good and kind’.
  • ‘I am strong, resourceful and capable of surviving any situation’.
  • ‘I trust in who I am, everything I need lies within me.’

Yeah baby! You are indeed gorgeous.

Please share your insights or questions below. Have you tackled this question? What are your tips for others in holding fast to self-truth? Sharing and encouraging others is so very necessary to help all of us on our journey of recovery – so thank you!


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