19 Symptoms Of Dyspraxia That Aren’t Just “Being Clumsy”

11. You Can’t Think About More Than One Thing At Once

Think about it: If dyspraxia makes it hard for you to hold an object in each hand at the same time, it makes sense that you’d also struggle to multitask.

Let’s say someone gives me a list of instructions: Okay, Jenny, you’re going to turn right at the bus stop, walk straight ahead for three minutes, then cross the road. All I’ll remember in 30 seconds is “turn right at the bus stop.”

12. Nobody Can Read Your Handwriting

As with speech apraxia, this symptom can range from severe (e.g. nobody can read a word you write) to mild (maybe you have to write slowly and carefully, but it’s typically legible).

Difficulty with handwriting is a common symptom of dyspraxia: Like eating, writing by hand involves a lot of messages traveling to your body from your brain, and not all of them are quite getting through. And, as with speech apraxia, this is an issue that can be managed through working with a specialist.

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