19 Symptoms Of Dyspraxia That Aren’t Just “Being Clumsy”

19. You Walk Or Run Awkwardly

If you have dyspraxia, there’s a good chance somebody has commented about the awkward way you walk or run. It might not be all that noticeable — an acquaintance may not realize it, but your family and friends probably will.

“You run like a sheep with its legs tied together, sort of,” a classmate told me kindly in third grade. (It’s true. I do.) Also, I once accidentally jogged into wet cement and it dried in the shape of my sneakers, which I like to think of as a permanent tribute to my own hopelessness.

If these symptoms sound familiar, what should you do now? Even if this entire list describes you to a T, do not self-diagnose yourself with dyspraxia. Many dyspraxia symptoms can actually be indicators of dyslexia, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, autism, or Asperger’s syndrome. What you believe to be dyspraxia could be SPD, or ADHD — which, it bears mentioning, shows up differently in women — or even more than one disorder. Some symptoms could even point to a brain injury.

You should also be aware that not all medical professionals have experience in the field of developmental disorders. “Professionals who misdiagnose or under-diagnose dyspraxia aren’t stupid or mean — but they may be ignorant,” says Carol Stock Kranowitz, author of the Sync series, including The Out-of-Sync Child Grows Up. “People tend to be down on what they’re not up on.”

Don’t lose hope. Find a professional in your area who has experience with developmental disabilities, and be as clear as possible about your range of symptoms.

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