Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy: 3 Protocols to Prevent & Reverse Nerve Damage

Dr. Robert A. Kornfeld’s Protocol for Reversing Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Dr. Robert A. Kornfeld is a holistic foot doctor (podiatrist) who has had success in reversing diabetic peripheral neuropathy. His dietary recommendations for DPN include:

  • Making about 40% of your diet lean, healthy protein such as fish (especially small and wild-caught fish) and lean, grass-fed beef, chicken, lamb, or pork. He notes that vegetarian sources of protein such as traditionally processed fermented non-GMO soy and tempeh are also good choices.
  • Having 30% of your diet consist of healthy fat, such as extra-virgin olive oil, sesame oil, safflower oil, or grapeseed oil to cook with and adding nuts and seeds to your diet as your primary snacks. Like many natural health figures, Dr. Kornfeld recommends only small quantities of dairy products.
  • Carbohydrate intake should be no more than 30% of your diet and you should focus on low glycemic index vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and sprouted grains. Avoid processed carbs, starchy vegetables, starchy fruits, fruit juices, sweetened beverages, alcohol, and baked goods.
  • Consuming organic foods to lessen the toxic load in your body and help promote a stronger and more efficient immune system.

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