10 Unnerving Facts About The ‘Suicide Disease’

8  Trigger-Happy Pain

So what triggers the facial spasms and electric-like bolts in a TN sufferer’s face? A better question might be: What doesn’t?

Those who suffer from this condition report a wide array of triggers. Commonly reported culprits include smiling, touching your face, brushing your teeth, brushing your hair, wind, eating and drinking, changes in temperature, shaving, putting on makeup, certain foods, loud noises, and kissing.

The list goes on, and sufferers often report that just the fear of triggering an episode can cause them to withdraw from their daily activities.[3]

7  The Dental Connection

Yank ’em all out!”

This is likely the battle cry of most new TN sufferers before proper diagnosis. Like the shrine of Bishop Button, TN patients look like people who are suffering from dreadful toothaches. Their first course of action is to see a dentist to remove the offending teeth, not knowing that it is actually facial nerve pain as it radiates to the nerve endings in the jaw

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