What a Narcissist does at the end of a relationship? Narcissist Psychology

Generally, the narcissist discard can range from blocking you on social media and to completely ignoring you forever. That too all of a sudden without giving any closure to the victim.

4. Starts abusing you constantly triggering guilt:

As I have already told, narcissists have zero empathy. Thus the lack of empathy can turn up into some serious abuses especially when the narcissist is ready to move on. Additionally, some narcissists even feel that abusing, making you cry and weep can get their control over the relationship.

So, if your narcissist is constantly abusing you and your abilities, soon your narcissist is going to end the relationship. Additionally, the narcissist even tries to create guilt, making you feel that you are wrong all the time.

5. Showing totally mixed emotions:

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