What a Narcissist does at the end of a relationship? Narcissist Psychology

Thus, within few days, this turns into occasional silent treatments given by the narcissist. Especially, this is the stage when the narcissist has mixed emotions, behaving completely unpredictable.

As the narcissist once decides to break the relationship, the search for a new victim and new narcissistic supply begins. Often this stage is manipulated by the narcissist with regular silent treatments and blaming you for everything.

Finally, this all ends up with a sudden discard completely putting an end to the relationship. The narcissist goes no contact and blocks you an everything. In most cases, they don’t even do a proper breakup putting you in a total confusion and anticipation.

Another important thing to remember is, a narcissist can never bear to lose a narcissistic supply. Thus even though the narcissist discards and breaks the relationship, he/she tries to maintain the occasional contact thus keeping your hopes alive.

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