What’s a Narcissist’s Punishment?

What’s a Perpetrator’s Punishment?

While sometimes it is indeed true that there are no significant external consequences for a hurtful person’s actions, it’s not that simple either. There are always internal consequences for everything. And this is what matters the most.

Sadly, it’s true that sometimes our society tends to reward certain narcissistic behaviors and character traits: power, deception, aggressive behavior, possessions, and other status symbols. But if we understand that these things don’t bring us a true sense of happiness, then we don’t see them as huge rewards. In many cases, they can be seen as punishments more than rewards because the person valuing and receiving it is less likely to change and grow.

If status symbols were an accurate indicator of true happiness, then all these rich, famous, powerful people would be the happiest people in the world: CEOs, politicians, celebrities, famous Internet people, etc. But to anybody who understands anything about psychology it is quite clear that they are not happy people. Some of them even kill themselves because they would rather be dead than stay in their toxic social and internal environment, despite of all the money, power, fame, sex, and acclaim that they have accumulated.

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