10 Real Diseases That Are Scarier Than Any Horror Movie

7. you cannot breathe, talk, swallow or even move your eyes

“Let me introduce you to the Guillain-Barré syndrome.

So imagine this: you live your life as normal, catch an occasional flu, or diarrhea, or just a cold (or maybe you catch nothing at all). You cure it, no problem, that’s what modern medicine is good at after all. A few weeks later you start to feel a tingling sensations in your toes. Strange isn’t it? But of course you think nothing of it. Progressively, the tingling sensation starts to move upwards: to you legs, to you arms, to your torso. And instead of the tingling sensation you start to feel a weakness in your limbs, following the tingling.

Things progressively get worst during a few weeks. If you are lucky you just lose the ability to walk. If you are unlucky you cannot breathe, talk, swallow or even move your eyes.

Now here is the funny part: this phase is temporary! It only lasts for a few weeks! And then you progressively get all your mobility back as if you had never been sick.”



“Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. My grandmother died from complications due to this disease (well, I think it was more ‘suicide by EMT’) a year and half ago. She made it eight years with it. Which I guess is impressive…Anyway, the disease is awful. Slowly losing the ability to control how your body moves. The disease slowly creeps through your body. My grandmother first lost control over he hands, then arms, then legs, then torso, and finally her neck. All she had left was moving your mouth and her eyes. And she was losing control of her mouth, had trouble speaking.

A prisoner in your own body. Her immune response was so compromised that a cold could have killed her.”


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