10 Real Diseases That Are Scarier Than Any Horror Movie


“Brain aneurysms are nuts. My mom got in a tiny fender-bender a few years ago. The police weren’t even called because the fault was mutual and the damages weren’t serious. My mom called to check on the lady a few days later, her husband answered and told my mom that she died the day after from a brain aneurysm. I can’t remember whether the aneurysm was caused by the accident or if it was already there and the accident caused it to rupture. Either way, terrifying shit.”



“Cluster Headaches.

This is it. This is the most pain a human is capable of experiencing. Women who’ve had children say childbirth is a walk in the park compared to this. Soldiers who’ve had limbs blown off would rather step on another landmine than have another episode. This is pain turned up to 11, and then snapped the knob off.

What causes it? Nobody fucking knows, of course. It can happen to anybody, at any time, for no apparent reason. Oh yeah, and there’s no treatment, you just have to sit there and scream.

It is so named because the attacks come in clusters with several happening on an almost daily basis for weeks on end, and then nothing for a while, maybe a few months, just enough to give you hope that this nightmare might be over…and then BAM! Its back, full intensity, no mercy, no hope for a cure.

Did I mention that this condition has a nickname of ‘suicide headaches?

Because it does.”

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