42 Struggles Only People With ADHD Will Understand

21. Reading is impossible in most circumstances.

22. The feeling that you might explode if you don’t let the words come out of your mouth.

23. People find it difficult to believe you when you tell them you have ADHD.

24. You have to rewash your last load of laundry because you forgot it was in the washer.

25. You walk into the room and do all other things other than what you actually went there to do; only realizing this long after.

26. Obsessive adherence to a system, and the extremes you will go to keep anyone from missing with it. Until you get bored and just don’t care anymore.

27. You feel the same way about flashing Gchat alerts as cats do about laser pointers.

28. The amount of time that passes between an idea popping into your head and your need to act on that impulse is about the width of a hair.

29. Adult ADHD has nothing to do with a ‘lack of organization. It is also got nothing to do with interest.

30. When people ask you if you are faking it just to get the Adderall prescription. Or more terribly, when someone request to have or buy your pills.

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