42 Struggles Only People With ADHD Will Understand

31. You lose thing so soften, like things you were holding just moments ago.

32. Spending so much time looking around at everything that catches your attention that you begin to look paranoid.

33. You multitask and cannot find focus when you don’t take your medication. Yet, when you take the medication, you can only focus but cannot multitask.

34. The only super reason you suck at the piano is because you’re dedicated to the trombone first. But before that comes the ukulele.

35. It is impossible to plan to do things. Even if you are doing nothing else you still won’t sit down and do what you intended to do.

36. The occasional realization that grownups actually do iron their clothes, but that has absolutely no effect on whether you do.

37. People are constantly insisting that what you have is not real, and that everyone in your generation battles with it.

38. Loving to impulsively commit to stuff you’re excited about before you’ve thought it through.

39. Cleaning out your wallet and finding receipts form 1993… the last time you cleaned out your wallet.

40. You are flaky and confused, but you invest so much time so that nobody will find out.

41. The adult ADHD drugs have side effects including bleeding, pissing your pants, weight gain and even suicidal thoughts.

42. Taking 45 minutes to pick out a pair of black socks at the store because OMG all of the socks.

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