Why people with bipolar disorder can feel hopeful about the future

Hope for bipolar disorder

Dr. Levitt says with the availability of multiple treatments, there is a lot of hope for people living with bipolar disorder.

“They can get better and they can stay better,” he says. “They can function well in-between episodes. You can reduce the number, the frequency the duration and the severity of the episodes. So, I’d say there’s a lot of hope, and it’s important that someone who is not doing well with bipolar disorder, needs to see an expert, because it’s a complex illness.”

Joanna’s journey with bipolar disorder

Today, Joanna says her son has provided a whole new meaning to her life and a new level of dedication to staying well. “Lucas also brings a lot of love, happiness, joy and FUN into my life, so he is the best ‘therapy’, I could ask for!”

She credits her family, friends, and psychiatrist with her success, “I have been really blessed to have a lot of amazing people in my life who have supported me along the way and I could not have done it without them.”

Joanna is sharing her story in Out of Darkness, a short film series exploring the raw reality of living with bipolar disorder that will be premiering at Sunnybrook on May 10, 2018. She is one of five people featured in the films.

She has this advice for those who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, “I think it is important to know that it is a medical condition, not a personal weakness.” Joanna adds, “There is a lot of hope. With the right help, surrounded by the right people, and with some dedication to self-care, you can live a full life.”

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