5 Things to Never Do After Breaking Up with a Narcissist

1 – Try to remain “friends”

Most people who breakup in healthy relationships typically don’t remain friends.  Sure, they may treat one another cordially, but the whole point of a breakup is to create distance so both parties can heal and move on.

Narcissists, on the other hand, often make the seemingly heartfelt request that, although the two of you aren’t compatible, they care about you very much and hope you’ll agree to remain friends.

Narcissists make this suggestion for one reason only.  They don’t want to commit, yet they want to keep you around as an option while they maintain their influence and control over your life.  They know full well that it would be impossible for you to move on, much less heal from their abuse, while they are still around.

Until you’re okay with the narcissist seeing other people and telling you about their dating escapades, you’re not ready to be friends.

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