5 Things to Never Do After Breaking Up with a Narcissist

2 – Continue communicating on the regular

We all reflect on things we wish we’d said and lament over what we could have done differently while in the relationship.  This is especially true after a breakup with a narcissist due to their inherent need to blame you and everyone in your inner circle (including your aunt’s chihuahua) for the downfall of your relationship.

So perhaps you’re driving home from work and you see that quaint little Mexican restaurant the two of you used to frequent for their tasty margaritas.  You see a couple sitting in “your spot” and you feel nostalgic.  Suddenly, you want to pick up your phone and dial the ex’s number.

Don’t do it.

Part of the reason you feel lost after the relationship is because you’re also having to deal with a serious upheaval in your routines and daily living habits.  But, another reason we feel so desperate after breaking up with a narcissist is that there is a deep void of unworthiness we want to fill.

The void that was created and nurtured by the narcissist themselves.

Don’t forget the narcissist’s true nature during moments of nostalgia.  You’ll never adapt to the single life or be able to move forward into healing if you remain under the narcissist’s pathological charm.

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