10 Things People Don’t Know You’re Doing Because Of Your ADHD

1. You Drink a Lot of Coffee

Full disclaimer: People drink coffee for countless reasons.It doesn’t necessarily mean you do it just because of your ADHD. But you have noticed that, even if you don’t feel more energized after drinking coffee, you just feel better afterwards, like your head is on straight again. And you’ve also noticed that your caffeine consumption can rise if you don’t keep it in check.

While coffee is no replacement for proper medication, it does appear to have an effect on people with ADHD. Maybe the cause of your fourth cup of coffee is due to only getting 5 hours of sleep last night, but maybe not.

2. You Have, Like, a BILLION Passion Projects

To be fair, a lot of those projects you will (eventually) see to completion – if only because you hate how it feels to drop a project that was once so consuming.

But there is always something – and a lot of somethings, to boot. You want to learn another language, and learn how to be a master chef, and get better at knitting, and repaint the bedroom, and maybe write some poetry – and, oh, photography, too! And each project strikes you hard in its moment. It makes you wish you could multi-task: learn photography while gaining vocabulary in another language as the bedroom gets repainted.

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