What People Don’t Understand About Those With Borderline Personality Disorder

Today is the day that I finally say ENOUGH! Enough of the judgement, Enough of the stigma, Enough of the prejudices, Enough of whatever you say about what you clearly know nothing about!

People like me have had enough of you talking about what’s going on with us like you scholars of the internet, know everything about it. You call us dangerous, irrational, impulsive, and the worst of it all, a word we almost come to believe, HOPELESS! But it’s time to see how it’s like to walk in our shoes.

To many of you, we may just look like victims of borderline personality disorder just trying to prove something online, but I’m here to tell you what we really are and what it’s really like to be us, In Real Life. Most of the articles on the internet on Borderline Personality Disorder throw light on all our negative symptoms and characteristics and a whole lot of you out there simply buy it without question, knowledge or experience.Even we did until now, cursed and criticized ourselves for even being that way. All our dark sides were so beautifully written off on the internet that we had started becoming all of it.

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