4. Criticize him in front of others

We’ve already stated that you can’t teach a narcissist a lesson and that you can’t teach him to care. But what you can do is embarrass and humiliate him.

It has already been mentioned that the only goal of every narcissist is to get approval and to boost his own ego. Therefore, he has never really cared about his own personal qualities and personality traits. As a matter of fact, he doesn’t care about how he appears in your eyes once he sees that you have fallen for him. But what he cares about is the opinion of the general public and the people around him. Remember—you were one of those people in the beginning and he did everything he could to impress you.

He’s been living his entire life in the same manner—trying to impress everyone around him and trying to hide his real personality. He is doing all of this because he is lying to himself and because he refuses to accept his true self. This is why most narcissists are actually much-appreciated people in their family or in business. And that is why these people in general have a hard time believing their victims and why their victims have a hard time believing themselves, thinking they exaggerate.

Every narcissistic man has worked hard to build this imaginary world of his, in which he is a loved and respected individual. So if you want to hurt him for all the pain he has put you through, you need to burst his bubble. One of the most effective ways to do this is to start embarrassing and humiliating him in front of others. I am not saying you should do it directly nor that you should insult him in front of others. But when you think about it, you know this guy the best. You know his vulnerabilities and all of his flaws, no matter how hard he has been trying to hide them. Therefore, instead of praising him in front of everyone, focus on his flaws. But you need to be subtle to prevent him from realizing your real intentions.

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