The Bipolar Symptoms You Might Not Realize Are Symptoms

Lesser-Known Symptoms of Bipolar

Lesser-Known Symptoms of BipolarMany people today are aware of the basic symptoms of bipolar disorder, sometimes also called manic-depressive illness. The disorder is characterized by extreme changes in mood, ranging from mania to depression. These episodes vary in duration, frequency and severity, and can cause erratic and even destructive behavior.

But aside from the traits that define the disorder, there are many lesser-known symptoms of bipolar — some of which might seem completely unexpected or even appear unrelated.


I remember the day I realized what psychosis actually was. I’d always heard it described as a “break with reality,” which never made a whole lot of sense to me and didn’t sound like something I’d ever experienced — until I started reading more about it, that is.

A psychotic break can often involve delusions or false beliefs that a person believes to be true despite lack of evidence, or evidence to the contrary. These might include the belief that one is a god, is impoverished, is being controlled by other people or forces, that one’s thoughts are being read by an outside force, or even that one’s spouse or partner is having an affair — that one is particularly painful; I’ve suffered from it on several occasions.

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