Working The 5 Phases of Trauma Recovery After Narcissistic Abuse

3.     One Foot in the Door Phase

You start to rebuild your identity, but your past tends to get in the way. You might start to give the narcissist too much credit and think “we both treated each other poorly” or “they’ve experienced abuse, too.”

Although it’s less common than during phase two, you can revert to the earlier phases of trauma recovery at any time without much warning. That’s why support and guidance from experienced professionals are so important during the entire process.

Now that you’re starting to feel confident in yourself and your decisions, you might feel compelled to reach out to the narcissist on casual terms. Maybe they’ve changed? (They haven’t.) You’ll find yourself seeking closure or an explanation.  But take heed, reaching out to the narcissist will set you back in your recovery, or worse, land you straight back into the cycle of abuse.

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