Working The 5 Phases of Trauma Recovery After Narcissistic Abuse

This is not to say narcissistic abuse is on par with living in a war zone but that the same psychological implications are at play.

Like someone living under the threat of war for several years, you start to wonder why this abuse happens to you while others get to live in peace. It feels like you’re being tortured by a blockade restricting your access to the rest of the world.

Surely, something must be wrong with you or this abuse wouldn’t continue.

This outlook generally doesn’t apply in cases of trauma from car accidents and other isolated events.

Sure, some folks might suffer a car accident and wonder why God would allow such a thing to happen to them. But in general, people tend to recognize that car accidents and natural disasters are random events over which they have no control.

People don’t usually blame themselves for fires and earthquakes but we blame ourselves for narcissistic abuse. Healing from narcissistic abuse is different because it attacks your very sense of self, your psyche, and your spirit.

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