Working The 5 Phases of Trauma Recovery After Narcissistic Abuse

What you need right now is support and reassurance. The trauma has felt “normal” for so long that experiencing safety and calmness feels foreign and very wrong. You’re still vulnerable and afraid of how the narcissist will respond to everything you think or do.

2.     Punching Upwards Phase

This is when you start to pick yourself back up off the floor. Your energy starts to return after the narcissist drained it for so long. (Being the target of narcissistic abuse requires a lot of your time and attention.)

You might experience surges of anger towards the narcissist and even at yourself for allowing the abuse to go on for so long. Without proper support and recovery, you might slip back into phase one.  It’s important to note that while support groups on social media might help in the beginning, they are not a source of proper support and can ultimately set you back in your recovery.

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