15 Of The Best Ways To Shut Down A Narcissist

You will be able to shut down a narcissist easier if you can accept their faulty perceptions of you.

12. Avoid Giving Negative Attention

Narcissists love attention– either positive or negative. Receiving negative attention is a critical part of their ability to hold you accountable for their behavior.

Once you give them this kind of attention, they will be able to hold it over your head. They need this kind of attention from you to give them a reason to lash out and target you in return.

If you are the closest person to the narcissist, you will automatically become the most reliable target.

13. Put Your Needs First

Narcissists make others feel guilty about being happy because they expect everyone to put the narcissist’s happiness first.

If you’re not constantly praising them or accepting their criticisms that make them feel superior, they won’t be satisfied.

Always keep your needs in the front of your mind to reduce the chance of a narcissist being able to take advantage of you.

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