15 Of The Best Ways To Shut Down A Narcissist

2. Don’t Sink to Their Level

Narcissists thrive off of a good fight because they know how to push your buttons.

When your buttons are pushed, you are probably tempted to fight back and defend yourself.

However, once you fight back, you have lost control. If you want to get around a jab from a narcissist, stay cool and don’t have a reaction to the emotions around you.

It is important to stay in control of your actions and words because the narcissist will not be able to do this.

3. Don’t Feed Their Ego

Narcissists have a pretty impressive sense of self. It is clearly inflated, but it is also unstable.

If you give them too many numerous verbal praises, you are empowering their belief that they are better than you and everyone else. Only give praise when you feel it is deserved and honest.

If you don’t give a narcissist any of this fuel to work with, they won’t continue to gain the ammunition that they need to attack back.

When a narcissist’s self-image is reflected back in ways that amplify how the narcissist already feels about him or herself, they are receiving the gratification of their narcissistic supply.

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