15 Of The Best Ways To Shut Down A Narcissist

4. Don’t Accept Responsibility

If a narcissist is angry, let them be angry. They will probably try to make you feel the same anger and pain that they are feeling, but you can refuse to do so.

It might seem easier to just accept the blame to stop their rampage, but doing so will start to break you down after a while.

If you accept the responsibility for their anger or emotions, you may end up doing whatever they want just to appease them.

Let the narcissist handle their own emotions and come to terms with them. Remember that they will eventually get over it.

The challenge for those who have narcissism is to learn how to take personal responsibility instead of attributing their disrespectful or abusive behavior to those around them.

Accepting this responsibility is painful and gives permission to the narcissist to continue to blame you for how they treat you or try to make you believe that their behavior is a result of their actions, which is not true.

5. Say “I’m sorry you feel that way.”

Narcissists think they know everything. When they are insulting you, they think they are completely right in their accusations.

However, if you say, “I’m sorry you feel that way” as they are trying to engage you, it will completely throw them off balance.

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