Why Is Minecraft So Appealing to Children With ADHD?

Another common theme among children with ADHD who love Minecraft is that they appreciate the opportunities for creativity. A 10-year-old boy stated, “It’s fun, it’s very creative and you can do whatever you want.” Another 10-year-old boy had a similar response, and said he enjoyed the game because “[y]ou can be creative as you want and you can walk around and do whatever you want.” A 12-year-old boy noted the fact that “Minecraftallows you to express yourself in a building and you can build your structures using redstone and you can make stuff using circuits and on/off switches.”

Some kids like Minecraft because of the competitive and aggressive nature that can be found in the survival mode. The 15-year-old who likes building churches and roller coasters also expressed enjoyment in his ability to “kill other players when they are mining a diamond and once you find a diamond you want more.” A seven-year-old boy likes “killing animals because then you have meat to eat and leather to help you to make armor.” An eight-year-old boy likes that “you can explode stuff when playing Minecraft.” A six-year-old girl likes it because “you get to tame stuff, you can make babies survive in Survival and spawn stuff and the creepers explode and have bows and arrows.”

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