ADHD and Task Avoidance – Overcome ADHD’s Most Difficult Challenge

People with ADHD are pretty skilled at avoiding the tasks they know they should be doing.

If you have ADHD, then you’ve probably been shamed for the vast majority of your life, because you’ve avoided things like doing chores, submitting your work on time, paying your credit card bills, and more.

But, what if your habit of avoiding important tasks isn’t even your fault?

There’s a good chance that your ADHD strongly contributes to your habitual task avoidance.

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This article helps you understand your task-avoiding behavior, and lays out some life-changing solutions that you can use to:

> Accomplish important tasks that you’ve been putting off for weeks, months, or even years

> Rid yourself of long-term stress, anxiety and worry

> Feel more productive, clear-headed, and organized



Why do people with ADHD love avoidance so much?

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ADHD and avoidance go hand-in-hand.

But, this isn’t exactly your fault.

Avoidance is a form of coping that helps you deal with stress in the short-term.

In the case of ADHD, you have an impaired executive function, and your brain might not respond very well to things like planning, problem-solving, self-motivation, self-control, and more.

So, there’s a good chance that your ADHD brain interprets normal, everyday activities as “stressors”.

You know, things like paying the bills on time, doing housework, and completing assignments before a deadline. These types of tasks seem completely normal to most people. But, because people with ADHD have unique brain differences, we just don’t interpret ordinary tasks like most people do.

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