25 ‘Embarrassing’ Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder We Don’t Talk About

When you live with a health condition, oftentimes there are some unwanted — or “embarrassing” — symptoms you have to learn to live with. This is something many people who live with borderline personality disorder are familiar with.

Maybe your intense fear of abandonment affects your ability to have stable and secure relationships. Maybe you struggle with “borderline rage,” and it makes people think you are an angry person, when you’re really not. Or maybe your emotions feel out of your control, and you can’t stop them from coming out in the “wrong” way at the “wrong” time.

No matter what your experience of  “embarrassing” BPD symptoms looks like, we want you to know you aren’t alone. The only way we can break the shame and stigma surrounding symptoms of BPD  is to talk about them, so to open up this discussion, we asked our BPD community to share with us the symptoms they were most embarrassed of.

Before we begin, we want to preface by saying that feelings of embarrassment are very real, and like all feelings, are completely valid. But even though it’s natural to feel embarrassed sometimes, we want you to know it’s more than OK not to be OK and there is no shame in struggling with BPD. Not of all of things listed below have to be embarrassing, but if you ever do feel embarrassed, you’re not the only one.

Without further ado, here’s what our community shared with us:

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