25 ‘Embarrassing’ Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder We Don’t Talk About

5. Paranoia About Relationships

“Paranoia and overthinking. If my friends have a neutral expression, I feel like they’re mad at me. If they give me a certain look, I feel that they hate me. If they talk to someone else I assume they want to be their friend, not mine. “ — Miranda D.

“Obsession and paranoia over relationships. I am consumed by my feelings whether they’re negative or positive — I need constant reassurance from people that they don’t hate me or I haven’t annoyed them and that they still love me.” — Leanne B.

6. Fearing Abandonment

“I feel like I’m being abandoned. I come up with this whole story in my head about what the said person could be thinking. Then I realize nothing was ever wrong.” — Emily W.

The fear of being abandoned. Like I guess it’s happened so much to me in my life I always expect everyone to leave and honestly they usually do, but I feel like it’s probably because I assume they are going to.” — Summer S.

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