25 ‘Embarrassing’ Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder We Don’t Talk About

13. Overthinking

“Overthinking and adding things up to prove a loved one is lying in my head and end up crying all day because I have no idea if my intuition is correct because I can’t trust my own thoughts.” — Jennifer R.

Overthinking every little detail and then getting very upset when it doesn’t play out how I planned. I get so upset thinking I didn’t think through it enough.” — Abi T.

14. Picking Fights With Loved Ones

“Picking fights with my partner and then becoming frantic due to my fear of him leaving me as a result of said argument.” — Lisa D.

“Lashing out on boyfriends/lovers. Once I get insecure/jealous, I turn into someone I hate. I say mean and hurtful things and all that does is make them abandon me. I have had some pretty public outbursts out of fear and jealousy that I’m not proud of.” — Danielle H.

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