25 ‘Embarrassing’ Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder We Don’t Talk About

15. Explosive Anger

My sudden explosive anger over very minute things. I say stuff that’s harmful and so cruel without even realizing it. Once the anger subsides a few moments later, I’m burdened with such guilt and shame over what I just did. Then I hear about what exactly I said and it’s downright heartbreaking. I just got diagnosed with BPD recently and for the longest time I just thought I had anger issues. Now that I finally know what the cause is and the symptoms, I can properly take actions to manage it. It’s nice knowing the enemy you’re going to war with.” — Corey M.

“My over the top flashes of anger. I snap and will shout or rage out loud sometimes at the silliest reasons. Just because my body and brain felt that anger was an appropriate emotion at that time. And immediately I am embarrassed and sorry that I did.” — Sheneeka A.

16. Feeling Like You’re “Too Much”

“I don’t know [if] I’m being ‘too much’ until it’s too late, and then I’m embarrassed that I can’t seem to control it. Too emotional, too sad, too this or that. I wish I could just be calm and even.” — Amanda E.

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