10 Things You Don’t Want to Know About Bipolar Disorder… Unless You Want To Successfully Manage It

Instead, we look at bipolar disorder as something we must endure rather than something we can control. We succumb to the illness and play the role of victim. We let others make choices for us. Or, worse yet, we just abandon hope of ever getting better. Even those of us who are successfully confronting bipolar disorder may encounter difficult times. And then we may revert back to such negative thinking and forget all that life has to offer.


Approaching bipolar disorder submissively merely increases the likelihood of the illness taking its own unpredictable course. If you subscribe to such a theory, this article contains ten things you do not want to know. If, however, you do want to take charge and have a life in spite of bipolar disorder, then read on. It’s time to get better, stay well, and discover life beyond bipolar disorder.

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