This Is The Unedited Truth About Borderline Personality Disorder

But the funny thing about being a borderline is that you keep surprising yourself.

It’s like one day you despise yourself and you feel so inadequate; you think you’re ready to end it all tonight because there’s no point in continuing. Then something inside you changes, like a switch was turned off, and you look in the mirror and regret ever thinking of hurting yourself, because the best person you know is right in front of you and you’re wasting all your potential and future.

Being a borderline is turning the switch on and off at such an unpredictable pace. And no, it’s not intentional. No, it’s not something you can control or choose. No, it’s not just you making up a lame excuse for being mean and stubborn. No, this was not your choice. No, you cannot just tell yourself to stop the random switching and be normal. No, you don’t feel normal. No, you don’t want their pity; you want them to understand.

You just want them to be a little more patient.

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