Agoraphobia: The Fear of Entering Open or Crowded Places

What is Agoraphobia?

Many of us might become agitated when we have to take public transportation or navigate a busy grocery store, but some people experience extreme fear or worry when they encounter public spaces that may be hard to escape. They may panic when they have to stand in line or find their heart racing when they find their seat in a crowded movie theater. This fear is sometimes called agoraphobia. When a person experiences agoraphobia, their life may become limited as they begin to avoid places that bring on this panic. They must deal with increasing isolation from others and from experiences they once enjoyed.

There is no exact cause of agoraphobia, but people sometimes begin to fear situations where they have experienced a panic attack or extreme anxiety. When they encounter them after the attack, they may find that they are overcome with worry that it will happy again.

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