Dyspraxia: A disability that nobody can see

It used to be believed that children would grow out of their “clumsiness” but research has shown it is a life-long, incurable condition. Therefore they need support in learning how to cope with the difficulties they face.

Last year, when Luc had an occupational therapy assessment, Michelle told the therapist his knees looked like a child with rickets.

“She said this was the poor muscle tone and that he was in pain every single day writing in school. My heart breaks when I think of this – to think he has to go through this for six hours every day and then has to face social rejection as well. It’s just awful,” says Michelle.

He needs occupational therapy to improve his muscle tone, but she has been told by two HSE staff members that none is available under the public healthcare system in the Kildare region; at €70 a session, Michelle says they cannot afford to send him to a private therapist.

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