Dyspraxia: A disability that nobody can see

Luc has been invited to only two birthday parties in his life, apart from family ones.

Sometimes Michelle thinks it would be easier if Luc had a disability that everybody could see and understand, then more of an effort would be made to include him.

The Dyspraxia Association of Ireland is running a national coffee morning to raise funds on November 18th. For more information, see dyspraxia.ie or call 01-8747085


In the words of an 11-year-old:

Tired hands


Mixing up words

Taking work down from the board

Reading in the class in case I make mistakes. I get nervous about it

Worrying about tests

Eating some food I might spill

I forget to swallow when I cry and I dribble a lot

Walking into things

Brushing my hair

Tying my tie and buttons

Remembering things

Catching a ball



My words get mixed up when I am talking and when I am reading

Sore joints

Really bad at bumping into things

Remembering patterns

Worrying if my words are right

Sore neck from looking up at the white board and my back hurts from the chair.

Written last May by Amy Jayne McCrossan Donnachie, who is now in sixth class at St Mary’s National School in Cobh, Co Cork

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