The New York Times Untangles the Myth of A.D.H.D., Makes it More Confusing

I started taking Adderall and Ritalin in college. The shit is no joke. In New Orleans I met a man who had a nasty meth habit as a teenager. I asked him, as an experienced speed freak, the difference between the high from smoking crystal meth and the high from adderall. He told me they are very similar, crystal just hits you faster and lasts longer.

Google difference between meth and adderall. It’s hard to find a real answer.

“If you have a deficit in dopamine, it’s harder to concentrate on goal-oriented behavior,” Professor Pennington said. “The psychostimulants change the availability of dopamine in these same circuits.”

This I understand. Take 40 mg of adderall and you experience a tidal wave of dopamine. For 6-8 hours it surges. Then it is gone and you are cranky. Irritated by every little thing. You have trouble sleeping and forget about eating. If you smoke, you smoke more. You drink a lot of water. It is not healthy behavior that very quickly transforms into dependency. You need the drug to “work.” Goal orientated behavior.

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