7 Foods that cause Acid reflux


Yep, you knew this one was coming. Carbonated beverages – including our beloved Coke and Pepsi – are among the leading causes of acid reflux.

Here’s why carbonated beverages are bad for acid reflux:

1 – Carbonated bubbles (culprits of that “burp” reflex) expand inside of the stomach, which can stimulate a reflux response.

2 – Almost all sodas are acidic, and acidic ingredients contribute to reflux.

The worst offenders? Diet Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and Tab.


Booze may not be too acidic, but nearly every form of it – beer, liquor, and wine – can bring about acid reflux.

Alcohol can produce an acid reflux response by relaxing the pathway that adjoins the esophagus and stomach. Of course, this isn’t the type of “relaxing” we envision when imbibing – and it can produce some nasty reflux.

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