If Your Guy Does These 10 Things He’s A Serious Narcissist In Disguise

It all begins like a fairy tale. You meet, you fall in love. You feel like you’re the luckiest girl alive. He gives you all the attention he can. He showers you with gifts, takes you to dinner, brings you flowers, he’s the real Prince Charming. Who would turn down attention like that? No one and neither did you.

You wanted to believe in real love and he presented himself as the one you had been waiting for your whole life.

All of this was happening so fast. He wanted to move on to the next phase of your relationship and he kind of forced you to come along. He blinded you with all the love and attention and you thought that was it, the real deal. You thought you finally found someone to spend the rest of your life with.

You see, this is how their game works. This is how they lure you into their trap. In reality, when you take away all the gifts and trips you got, you’re left with nothing but a narcissistic leech who sucked you dry.

When the first warning signs began to present themselves, you chose to ignore them. You couldn’t admit to yourself that you had fallen for such absurd lies and empty gestures. He used everything he had to blind you.

So, you trusted his stupid excuses. You chose to believe him because, yet again, he was so convincing. His excuses made perfect sense at the time. Everything went back to the same old thing. For some time, he treated you like a queen, only so he could confirm that you trusted him still, so he could go on and continue playing his sick little game.

This may go on for years. It depends on how strong and determined you are. It depends whether you are afraid of him or not. It depends on if you’ve lost the will to fight along with your self-esteem and respect.

Living in these conditions is something no one should ever experience. Living under the merciless fist of a narcissist can consume you and destroy you completely, but breaking free from one can give you a second chance to love someone else and receive a love you’ve always deserved.

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