Our 7 Autism Myths

1. The “window of opportunity” closes at the age of 5. There is no magic window of time to help a child overcome some of the challenges that accompany autism. For us, early intervention was crucial and probably most beneficial, but there’s no time limit on intervention or progress.

We panicked at Evan’s 5th birthday because his ability to verbally communicate was minimal. His meltdowns were increasing, not decreasing, and we couldn’t get him to stop demanding that each and every light be turned on no matter how bright it already was. He was almost 5, and we desperately needed more time to reach our son, to help him feel comfortable in his own skin.

Then something unexpected happened. Evan turned 6 and continued to progress in his development and desire to interact with others. Even now he acquires or masters skills and makes progress in ways we never imagined. For example, instead of just making requests when he talks, today he’s able to verbalize thoughts and feelings and often asks and answers meaningful questions.

Not so long ago, some friends whose kids are in their 20s shared the recent milestones and first-time accomplishments of their sons and daughters. Did I mention these kids are in their 20s? The window never closes.

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