7 Questions Psychiatrists Ask To Diagnose Bipolar Disorder

3. A Lot Of Ideas, Or Sped Up Brain

Questions like “During your good mood period, did you feel like you had a lot of ideas and your brain felt sped up?” can help. Patients with bipolar disorder find it hard to keep up with the number of thoughts going through their mind, and they may be completely unaware of how much in happening inside their heads in the middle of a manic episode.In a hypomanic episode, the thoughts might seem crisp and clear rather than quick, but still points to the existence of bipolar disorder. Either way, the doctor should be able to understand that there is a change in the way the patients process or think of ideas, and how it affects their brain.

4. More Talking

People with bipolar disorder talk very quickly, and tend to jump from one idea to another very often. Questions like “Is it hard to follow what they mean to say?”, or “Do they speak like a mile a minute?” are asked to the patient’s caretakers to get a better idea about their behavior. Another important feature of bipolar disorder is lack if insight, meaning that the patient has no idea about this behavior change and will continue it as though it is normal.

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