8+ natural ways to treat heartburn or acid reflux

Few feelings are worse than the burning, uncomfortable sensation of heartburn. Unfortunately for 60 million Americans, acid reflux symptoms are monthly occurrences, according to Healthline. 15 million experience these burning sensations in the stomach, mid-chest and throat every single day. While medications like antacids and anti-reflux medication can alleviate symptoms, there are several natural home remedies known to bring relief.
1. Chew gum. According to WebMD, chewing gum is effective for soothing heartburn. This is because chewing gum helps produce saliva, which acts as a natural acid buffer. Chewing gum also encourages you to swallow more often, which pushes back the acids that want to come back up from your esophagus.
2. Eat less. Instead of eating three big meals a day, eat five to six small meals throughout the day. RefluxMD explains that by controlling your portions, not only will you have fewer reflux symptoms, but you will also be more likely to lose weight. To get in the habit of eating smaller meals throughout the day, RefluxMD recommends eating when you first wake in the morning in order to stabilize your blood sugar, as well as doing something else while you eat, like engaging in conversation, to help you eat more slowly.

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