13 ‘Harmless’ Comments That Actually Hurt People With Bipolar Disorder

4. “Are you bipolar right now?”

“‘Why are you in such a good mood? You in an episode?’ No, can’t I be in a good mood just for the hell of it? Why must I be in a manic or semi-manic episode to be happy? All of this makes me feel so low, I just wanna crawl into a hole, turn my hearing off and hide.” — Wendy W.

“‘Are you bipolar today?’ Um, excuse me? I’m bipolar every day; I don’t have an on and off button for that.” — Luz C.

5. “You’re crazy.”

“‘You’re crazy; you need to get some help.’ I am actually getting help. I take all my pills as stated by my doctors. So, it hurts when they don’t see that I am trying. They just tease me about it and laugh at me for it, or call me dramatic.” — Bianca O.

“‘Why are you acting so crazy?’ — said many times before and since my diagnosis. I wish someone would’ve seen my symptoms and told me to talk to my doctor.” — Bethany A.

6. “Have you tried not being bipolar?”

“‘Have you tried not being insane?’ Excuse me? For one, I’m not insane; I’m mostly stable!” — Shayla F.

“‘You work full-time and you are a full-time student; you don’t have bipolar, it’s all in your way of thinking. Just change how you think and it won’t affect you anymore.’ I had a friend tell me this. It hurt. The worst part is: He’s going to school to be an EMT and a firefighter.” — Amanda P.

“‘Quit being so manic.’ My mom literally said this to me, and I have yet to forgive her. It just hurt so much.” — Brianna C. 

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