13 ‘Harmless’ Comments That Actually Hurt People With Bipolar Disorder


10. “You’re too much to handle.”

“When people say I’m ‘too much.’ Every time I’m told I’m too much, I end up feeling like I’m not enough and I’m not worth the effort.” — Sarah-Jayne S.

“‘We put up with your issues because we love you.’ This is basically like saying: ‘We wish you were different, but since you can’t be, I guess we’ll put up with it.’ What a load of garbage…” — Kat L.

“I didn’t sign up for this marriage knowing I’d have a bipolar wife.” — Cristine L.

11. “Have you tried praying?”

“You’re obviously not praying enough. Jesus heals all.” — Rebecca K.

“You need to pray more; You need God in your life; If you believe in Jesus, he will cure you.” — Kevlo H.

12. “There’s nothing wrong with you.”

“‘Everyone’s a little depressed and manic. There’s nothing special about what you’re going through.’ This truly hurts. No one person has the right to belittle someone else’s struggle and pain.” — Thando T.

“‘Everyone gets like that.’ No, they don’t; you really don’t understand.” — Amy W.

“‘Oh, you’re not bipolar. I know so-and-so and they’re bipolar. You don’t act anything like them, so you’re not bipolar.’ Thank you, doctor! I’m so glad you gave me that diagnosis! Now, where’s your medical degree from? Because my therapist and my mental health specialist seem to think otherwise; always happy to have a second opinion…” — Ashley F.

“I was talking to a male triage nurse and told him I was bipolar. He laughed and replied, ‘All women are bipolar!’” — Jessica F.



13. “You’re not yourself when you’re bipolar.”

“‘You’re just manic right now; you’re not really you.’ It hurts because no matter what state I’m in, I am still me. Some people claim I am also in a manic state because of something I’m trying to talk about seriously. They cause me to feel inferior by using my disorder against me as a way to try and silence me, mostly because they don’t understand what I’m talking about or don’t agree with it. I think that kind of manipulation stings the most.” — Bridget C.