Signs, symptoms, and causes of acid reflux

If you experience these symptoms more than twice a week, or they start to interfere with your life or sleep, eMedicineHealth says it’s important to see your doctor.
Many times, and under your doctor’s supervision, you can treat acid reflux by:
– Not lying down, sleeping or bending over right after a meal
– Elevating your head when sleeping
– Eating at least two to three hours before bed
– Sleeping in a chair for daytime naps
– Losing weight if you’re overweight
– Avoiding tight belts
– Quitting smoking
– Avoiding possible trigger foods like spicy foods, onions, citrus products, tomato products like pasta sauce or ketchup, fatty or fried foods, peppermint, chocolate, alcohol, carbonated beverages and coffee or other caffeinated beverages
– Avoiding large or fatty meals
Your doctor might also instruct you to start taking certain over-the-counter drugs to help combat your GERD, or you might be prescribed medication to prevent the reflux or even reduce stomach acid. It’s important to discuss all of your lifestyle habits and symptoms with your doctor so she can determine which treatment is right for you.

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