Are You Mistaking Machiavellianism For Narcissism?

The Machiavellian

One thing that is almost always spoken about in articles about narcissism is the willingness to manipulate others, but it is this trait that should rightfully be discussed in the context of Machiavellianism.

Machiavellians put self gain before almost anything else and it is because of this that they seek to control and use others to their advantage. They see people as stepping stones – as a means to an end – and will gladly walk over them in order to get where they want to be.

For them, winning is the ultimate aim, and if this is at the expense of others, then so be it. They care only about their own achievements, but they are typically quite realistic about what these are.

They desire wealth and power over all else, and it is their detachment from conventional morality that allows them to chase their lofty goals without remorse and free from conscience.

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