Are You Mistaking Machiavellianism For Narcissism?

The Crossover

As was alluded to earlier, it is very possible for an individual to have both narcissistic and Machiavellian attributes. They may well be creatures of the ego that seek to manipulate and deceive others for their own personal gains.

In truth, there is likely to be some degree of narcissism in a Machiavellian, as to be so single-mindedly focused on your success – even at the expense of others – requires a fairly active ego.

But, while a narcissist would be too jealous to wish success for other people, there might be occasions where a Machiavellian personality would accept someone else succeeding if it meant they could move up the ladder too. They would be prepared to do a deal with an equally success-oriented individual if it meant they, too, gained greater wealth and power.

A narcissist will tend to be a lot more emotional, quick to anger, and impulsive, whereas a Machiavellian is able to put some distance between their actions and their emotions.

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